Thank you for your interest in becoming an AAFMAA Member and taking advantage of the Career Assistance Program (CAP) Loan Member benefit.

As a benefit of Membership, you must apply and be accepted with the following criteria:

  • You must currently be active duty, Reserves, or National Guard in a rank between E5 and O4, including all Warrant Officers
  • You must be an AAFMAA Member with $250,000 of Term or $50,000 of whole life insurance in force.

Important Note: This application is for new Members and first-time CAP applicants only. Already a Member or had a CAP Loan? You might qualify for another one! Call us at 800-336-4538 to find out.

When you press the begin button below, you’ll be taken into the online application system. The first page includes your personal contact and demographic information. On the second page, when you select at least $250,000 of Level Term I or at least $50,000 of Value-Added Whole Life, a checkbox to include the CAP Loan Member benefit application will appear. Select that checkbox to add the CAP Loan to your application submission.

Completing your application for AAFMAA Membership including life insurance coverage, and the CAP Loan Member benefit should take about 20 minutes (depending on how much detail you need to provide). If you don’t finish within one hour, the session will time out so make sure you’re prepared! But don’t worry, if you need more time you can always save your application progress and come back to it later.

Some of the things you should have ready are:
  • Social Security numbers,
  • Dates of Birth, and
  • Addresses of anyone who may be named in your policy (Owners, Payers or Beneficiaries – addresses not required for beneficiaries)
  • Copy of Your ID (driver’s license or Passport)
  • Copy of Your LES

You will be asked to upload electronic copies of supporting documents like your ID, LES or medical information at the end.

We hope you find this process simple, but if you run into trouble, give a Membership Coordinator a call toll-free at 1-877-398-2263, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time and they can walk you through the process right over the phone.

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